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Top 10 Hot Rod

John Allen 32 coupe

Lance Crane 32 Cabriolet

Bruce Carter 33 Ford Tudor

Rob Cowley 35 Coupe

Allan Brookland 40 Ford Convertible

Ian Jones 32 Ford Roadster

Daryl Gates 28 Ford Coupe

Manny Sim 34 Ford Coupe

Tania Rawson 34 Ford Roadster

Brian Ward 39 Ford Roadster

Top 10 Street Machines 

Lynette Evans 60 Chev 2dr Hardtop

Grant Findley 50 Buick Sedanette

Jeff Helm 66 Chev SS Impala

Barry Carmichael 59 Chev Sports Coupe

Rex Moyle 57 Chev 2 dr Sports Coupe

Alistair Davidson 62 Ford Thunderbird

Bevan Chapman 62 Chev Impala SS

Robin MacDonald 60 Buick

Terry Birch 55 Chev Belair

Stuart Cook 55 Chev Pick Up


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Best Traditional: Mark Holdaway 29 Ford Model A Pick Up

Best Nostalgia: Woody 1930 Ford Model A Roadster

Best Represented Club: Cobra

People's Choice: Barry Carmichael 59 Chev

Best Custom Installation Livin Loud: Bevan Chapman 62 Chev Impala

Best Stealth Installation Livin Loud: Barry Carmichael 59 Chev

Century Yuasa Choice: Lance Crane 32 Ford

Long Distance: Paul Stephenson 38 Chev

Hard Luck Trophy: Kevin Saunders 38 Ford Sedan

Street Machines Host Club Trophy: Rob Cowley 35 Ford Coupe

Best Represented Family: Benseman Family

Top Hot Rod: John Allen 32 Coupe

Top Street Machine: Lynette Evans 60 Chev 2dr Hard Top

National Champion: Lance Crane 32 Ford


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We welcome aboard Mothers in supporting this event hosting the Show n Shine Day..

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CenturyYuasa 2011 NZHRA Street Rod Nationals Sponsors:

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Mobil 1
Kaye's Bakery
inSignia Signs
Goble & Singh Builders
Tramway Motors
Discount Tyres
Malloch McClean
Regent Car Court
Palmers Scrap Metal
Grant Auto Electrics
Rent A Space
Charlton Auto Imports
All Purpose Engineering
Invercargill Licensing Trust
Newfield Autos
NZ Rodder
Swann Insurance
NZ Petrolhead
Place Makers
The Rock 90.8
Magoo Mufflers
Auto Centre
NZ Hot Rod Magazine


More information can be found at http://www.streetmachinessouthland.org

NZHRA would like to thank all those who support our events..and we encourage members to support our supporters!