We departed at 10am from the Lakes at Tauranga and headed over the Kaimais in perfect weather. It was great to see 3 Bay Roders Rods and 8 Members join in. Our ol leader took the first turn right over the ranges to take us up the wrong road about 3ks. Back on track we met Greenie and Nev waiting on the right road. Onwards to Te Aroha hugging the Kaimai ranges. We pulled into Te Aroha and John and Tangi were already there. Parked outside Bill's and waited for more people to arrive. We checked out Bill's Bonny race car and his 39 Sedan. We had a $1 raffle, which raised $42 for the club. The winner was Bretto who sat down in front of every one and ate the prize of a White Bait fritter. Then we all had a burger lunch cooked by Bill. At 1.30 we moved on to the Wrought Iron Factory. Very interesting gallery, with a Kiwi made out of old tools, and forks with the tines spread out for feet, and a couple of motor bikes etc. The storage area is amazing, all that old stuff. At about 3pm we departed, some went via Paeroa and had a beer a the Waikino Pub, others went via MataMata. Good day out in brilliant weather and a big thanks to Bill and Viv. Photos provided by Terry Furness