Initial Fender Exemption

The applicant will need to take their vehicle to a certifier – Click here for a list of LV1D LVV Certifiers

The Certifier will provide the applicant with the correct form or it can be downloaded from our website under the forms tab on the home page and then choose downloads.

The applicant will need to fill out the 1st page. If the vehicle complies the certifier will then sign the 2nd page of the form.

The applicant must have been an affiliated NZHRA Member for at least 12 months prior to application and will also need to send NZHRA a letter from his/her club in support of the applicant and a photo of the vehicle.

The applicant will need to post or email the form, the letter in support of the application from the applicants Club, photo of vehicle and the $45 fee to NZHRA - Click here for postal details.  The fee can be paid by direct credit or visa, no cash.

Once NZHRA receive the form, the fee, the letter in support of application and photo we will begin the documentation process by sending it to LVVTA.

LVVTA will reply to NZHRA, confirming the Cert Plate/disc number.

NZHRA will send the applicant their Fender Exemption card, a log book and a letter confirming the exemption.

Renewal of Fender Exemption

Fender Exemptions need to be renewed annually; each exemption is valid for the period 1 September to 31 August for each year.

NZHRA Head Office will automatically send renewal forms to all Fender Exemption holders prior the expiry date - 31 August of each year. However if for some reason you are missed, you can download your copy here, or contact the office

The cost to renew your exemption is $25.

To renew your Fender Exemption you will need to send the fee (payable by direct credit or credit card only, no cash), the form and your completed log book to your Zone Director. A completed log book must have 2 events signed off – either sanctioned events or official club meetings. If you don’t have 2 signed off events in your log book you will need to include a note explaining why.

The Zone Director will sign the form and send it to the NZHRA Office.


But my vehicle has already had a Fender Exemption or has had a Cert Plate previously?

If you personally have never had a Fender Exemption for this vehicle before, you will still need to complete an initial application.

If your vehicle has already held a fender exemption in the past and already holds a cert plate/disc please ensure that the Cert Plate/disc number is noted on the application. There isn’t a space for that note but it will speed up the process considerably if it is noted down. The cert plate would be bolted to the inside of the car. There are various requirements that use a cert plate – not just a fender exemption eg: roll cage.



The history of Fender Exemptions is explained, by Tony Johnson CEO of LVVTA.

Click here to read all about it.